microblading award nomination

pmu brows

microblading and ombre


Any microblading or ombre coverup of previous work needs to be assessed prior to any agreement

£315   Hairstroke Brow - suitable for normal to dry skin)                    

£355  Ombre/Powder brows  (shading makeup effect - all skin types)        

£378  Combination Brow  (strokes and shading-manual / machine)    

£50   per session on colour correction work ( in addition to brow rate)           

(deposit required to secure appointment - non refundable if cancelled within 5 working days)

 Includes :  

  • video consultation  ( to enable a safe but mask free face to face ) 

  • postal patch/sensitivity test  (deposit required to confirm booking)

  • 4 hours - a mapping and redraw, treatment and comprehensive aftercare advice, aftercare products and info.

  • 2 hours  - a touchup 5 to 7 weeks later (and aftercare products)*  


*It is the responsibility of the client to carry out the aftercare and ensure touchup is booked as advised .  Booking touch up after the 7  weeks may be chargeable. 

£68  - standard tray charge for missed/ rescheduled touchups  (see cancellation policy 

Colour Refresh/ colour boost for existing clients **      all include the after care 

  • £145 - 7- 11 months after 1st treatment  

  • £195 - 11 - 18 months after 1st treatment                                 

** colour refresh may not be possible if left too late / eyebrows are too faded and you may be advised have a full  drawing and treatment session following assessment. 

  07971 583730 / info@ketnabutronmakeup.co.uk Facebook /  Instagram  for more images.