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microblading award nomination
PhiBrow registered UK artist
Leicester Microblading Salon
Ketna Butron Award Winning Makeup artist in Leicester
Leicester microblading client care image
Leicester microblading before and after pictures.


Microblading is the practice of manually depositing pigment into the skin using a hand held bladed tool. This enables the creation of crisp hair stokes of various lengths and densities, to create a natural, fuller and realistic looking brow. It can last between 1 to 3 years, and is sometimes referred to as semi permanent makeup, SPMU, micro strokes, ombre brows, powder brows, nanoblading or micro pigmentation.  This is not the same as an Ombre or Powder brow (see below). Microblading  is suitable for dry to normal skin.


The term Microblading and is sometimes used to describe all  semipermanent permanent eyebrow makeup, (SPMU/PMU)   including microstrokes, machine strokes, ombre brows, powder brows, nanoblading or micro pigmentation.  This is not the same as an Ombre or Powder brow (see below).


Confidence -  if you are self conscious about your look due to your brows or lack of , then permanent makeup can really make a differencePermanent eyebrow make up is suitable for anybody with sparse, thin or gappy eyebrows, wanting fuller brows and more defined shape. Also suitable for those with little to no eyebrow hair, such as post chemotherapy patients or alopecia sufferers. 

Time saving -  one the benefits of Microblading /PMU is that you no longer have to spend time drawing on a full brow or penciling in the gaps.  You go to bed with and wake up with full eyebrows. Time is saved applying and removing brow makeup . No more frustration with trying to match them up ! 


Practical -  unlike makeup, PMU will not wash off or smudge, so hot days, swimming, holidays or visit to the gym are now possible without having to reapply your brows. or worry about them running down your face. 


Often referred to as powder brows because they resemble a powdered makeup look brow, without hair stokes. 

Ombre is the term for dark to light, or a fade of colour, so it refers to the eyebrow becoming  darker towards the tail. This is created using the traditional tattoo method of depositing the pigment into using a machine machine.  It can be created bold and dramatic or soft and powdery.    Unlike microblading it is suitable for all skin types, even very oily, and can sometimes last a little longer.


This also can be combined with stokes at the head of the brow to create a defined but still quite natural looking brow. It a what is called combination brow or a combo brow / combi brow.  This is a little bolder than microblading but more natural than a bold ombre or powder brow .


Following an initial telephone consultation, and after checking for any contraindications (medical reasons that may mean you are not eligible)  you can book via online booking system to place booking fee/deposit safely. This confirms your brow appointment and then we will arrange for your scratch test and consultation. (a no obligation consultation visit is available - see booking page) . 


Using specific tools and techniques, I map the shape that will enable me to create your new bespoke eyebrows according to your own hair growth pattern, bone structure and facial anatomy. Only once this is done correctly and we are both satisfied, do I begin the process of depositing the pigment to create your ideal eyebrows.  You will leave with an aftercare kit and detailed aftercare instruction to follow . 

Then, 6-8 weeks later you return for the touch up visit. This is to go over any fading, and any minor enhancements required will be made. 

I have trained with Deluxe Brows , Lauren Taylor and Phibrows Academy and obtained my Phibrows Artist status. This has meant that I:

  • have been required to prove skill at each level to obtain a certification.

  • must adhere to strict Health and Safety standards. 

  • have access to a huge international network of support via expert trainers, artists and medical practitioners at hand to keep the standard high and keep my client safe.

Pigments and tools:

  • I use only the highest standard of pigments for better retention and less redness when fading as do not contain a large quantity of heavy metals.  Many pigments on the market contain large quantities of iron oxide pigments as they are cheaper to produce. 

  • I use measuring tools, blades, pigments  and apps that have been designed for optimum results.


pmu Before and After.

Microblading and powder/ombre, and combination brows

Blade and shade combination brow
ombre brow
blade and shade
eyebrow mapping




Any microblading or ombre coverup of previous work needs to be assessed prior to any agreement

£375  Hairstroke microblading brow - (suitable for normal to dry skin)                    

£375  Ombre/Powder brows  (shading makeup effect - all skin types)        

£375  Combination brow  (strokes and shading-manual / machine)    

£50   per session on colour correction work ( in addition to brow rate)           

(deposit required to secure appointment - non refundable if cancelled within 5 working days)

 Includes :  

  • consultation -in person / video   

  • postal patch/sensitivity test  (on confirmation of booking)

  • 4 hours - a mapping and redraw, treatment and comprehensive aftercare advice, aftercare products and info.

  • 2 hours  - a touchup 6 to 8 weeks later (and aftercare products)*  


    *It is the responsibility of the client to carry out the aftercare and ensure touchup is booked as advised .  Booking touch up after the 8th week may be chargeable. 

    £68  - standard tray charge for missed/ rescheduled touchups  (see cancellation policy 

    Colour Refresh/ colour boost for existing clients only**      all include the after care 

  • £145 - 6 - 10 months after 1st treatment  

  • £195 - 10 - 18 months after 1st treatment                                 

  • ** colour refresh may not be possible if left too late / eyebrows are too faded and you may be advised have a full  drawing and treatment session following assessment. 

      07971 583730 / Facebook /  Instagram  for more images. 

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